Sunday, November 20, 2016


Sincerely apologize to our fans and anyone who keeps up with HTTT. I have refrained from giving the details of our long "process". Maybe because I felt I could fix it. Maybe because I felt embarrassed. Maybe I thought time would help. Well it is time to break the silence! Bern decided to leave the band after The Juggernaut was released in 2014. No hard feelings at all. Bern worked at a guitar store so the practicing and forceful writing became an annoyance instead of something to look forward too. After the Juggernaut release, we began the search for a new lead guitar player. We stumbled upon Jesse Teale. Eamon and Jesse were writing and building momentum. Gary was exploring around musically and was just for lack of a better term "over metal". He parted ways and is playing in a cover band on weekends. Also still on good terms. So we begin looking for another guitarist. After a few months of writing, Jesse breaks the news to me that he is moving to New Mexico in the winter of 2014. Brutal blow.....Maybe about a year or so goes by....and I get a random facebook message from Jesse asking "hows the band". I told him about the situation and he said "actually I'm moving back to WI next month!!!"....He moved back and we have been writing songs for the past year!!!

We have 8 songs written. Now that the winter is setting in, we will have time to record them at the studio. Have no fear, still thrashy, still heavy, still have guitar solos, still double bass, and we still have Neil lol.

We WILL have some guest musicians joining us for songs. The "process" is ever evolving, but we have a solid foundation now! I promise to keep posting updates and clips of songs as they are being worked on!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015


This whole year has been a process, it sucked, but we persevered! We have 4 new tunes written and will continue building this next cd as winter begins. That is one thing that is nice about living in Wisconsin during the winter! Plenty of time to sit inside and work on cool tunes! This cd has the same Heir to the Throne sound I promise! I will post a sample of some of our new tunes within the next week or so. The plan is to release a single around March! ....and it will not disappoint 


Thursday, March 5, 2015


In the last year or so we have had some rough times. Members leaving, new joining, then moving, but we may finally have a lineup and are ready to rock! We have been working on new material! We will stay true to the Thrashy style as we are not looking for a new direction. I can guarantee this will be our best music to date! A few new creative minds and some old ones as well. Very excited for the next few months of working on new music. We will announce new members in the near future as well.


Monday, March 3, 2014


THE JUGGERNAUT!!! Finally released!!! Click download and share!!! IT'S FREE!!!!!